Reskilling and Upskilling Workforce – A Becoming Business Necessity

The unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic has stormed disruption in our lives – personally and professionally. The sudden need to change the way we work has led to a massive increase in demand for reskilling and upskilling. Although changing digital trends and scarcity of talent in the market has been a driving force for HRs to adopt reskilling and upskilling lately, the COVID-19-induced havoc has only accelerated this need to help the employers prevail through the virus-stricken situation.

More and more organizations are switching to digital business models to adhere to social distancing and continue operations. Digitization has become the new Holy Grail. However, the unexpected imposition of remote working is making employees strive to adapt to the new mode of functioning. The working and communication patterns are undergoing a macro shift that is affecting the organization as a whole. However, on the other hand, it is also helping the employers identify skill gaps and is giving them the motive to build a digitally agile workforce by reskilling and upskilling.

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What is reskilling and upskilling?

Reskilling is learning a new skill for a different job or training employees for a different job. This helps the organization to equip in-house workforces if the need for the skill arises rather than scouting for new talents. Upskilling on the other hand, is training employees to upgrade their skills for the same job to help them stay on par with the changing trends and developments.

Collectively, both skills help strengthen in-house talents, increase motivation and encourage employees to be more productive, which is inadvertently beneficial for the organization. Especially during outbreaks and crises, the reskilling and upskilling initiative can help the employees and employers handle critical situations. Several companies in India are profiting from the lockdown by investing in upskilling workforce.

How will it help organizations?

  • Since all organizations have gone digital, the switch could hamper the productivity of those who are not familiar with digital platforms and technology. Hence, reskilling and upskilling will help them learn the tricks of the new era and become more efficient
  • The organization can suggest apps and tools to encourage employees to be more productive and focused at home
  • Considering anything and everything is possible digitally, employers must evaluate the situation as to what is suffering due to the lockdown, identify the skill gaps and help employees overcome the problems by helping them reskill and upskill
  • Also, upskilling the workforce is a profitable move that offers long-term benefits and lessens the need to scout for new talents

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These are challenging times for every sector, every company, every individual, and the most optimistic thing we can do right now is learn and make something good out of this lockdown. Reskilling and upskilling will not only ready the organization for the looming financial crisis but will also give them the leverage to explore new prospects for their businesses in the future.


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