Long Term Strategies For Continued Engagement

All the noise to produce employee engagement ideas that work wonders on employee morale is not for naught. It’s now established that happy, productive employees emerge when companies rack their brains to execute the brightest employee engagement ideas.

At the very outset, employees who see that their organization goes out of its way to come up with employee engagement ideas feel cared about – they recognize that the institution wishes to do more than compensating their man-hours and providing a safe work environment. It goes on to provide clear milestones and checks for execution through employee satisfaction surveys. It reframes employee motivation drives through a roadmap of doable ways to engage people organically and executes them among its priorities. 

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All employee engagement ideas are brought about to ensure that workers have fun at work and feel that all their tasks come together organically to achieve the goals of the organization. Especially since multinational, cross-cultural teams with several dozens of team members logging in from across the globe is now the norm, employee surveys help keep tabs on the success of employee engagement initiatives.

  1. Celebrate triumphs: Every employee, without exception, enjoys finding out that their work made a positive difference. Quantifying good performance and extending encouragement for such meritorious acts has two-fold benefits. One, it gives a great boost of positive feelings to the employee in question. Second, it also motivates the other members of the team to put in redoubled efforts to earn similar praise. Praise should be natural, spontaneous, and personalized for it to create the desired benefits of employee engagement in HR.
  2. Encourage team-spirit: More heads are better than a few, especially when the goals to be scaled are steep. Allow and even endorse the formation of bonds within a team. Personalized bonds and sharing of work-related know-how serve to make the team stronger. Advocate peer-to-peer learning to increase the subject-worth of the employees.
  3. Share business milestones scaled: Employees love to be let in on the big picture. A glimpse into the roadmap and ‘you are here’ shows them clearly where their contribution makes a difference and where they need to reach.
  4. Personal milestones get their spotlight: Birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal milestones should receive a mention so that employees feel recognized not only for their professional contribution but also for the people they are.
  5. Help them balance work and life: Employees duly appreciate a manager and company that allows, even encourages work-life balance. Google India is a clear leader in offering tech tools and opportunities to make the employee productive and balanced. LinkedIn is regarded highly for treating its employees as valued internal customers.

An employee survey shows that over 60% value flexible work hours while 46% value holiday packages as the greatest perks of employee engagement ideas. These are long-term employee engagement strategies that gel well to create the protective, employee-centric aura that any people-centric organization strives to create.


Emil Shour, Awesome Employee Engagement Ideas & Activities for 2019, SnackNation, Aug 29, 2019

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