Elderly In India Want Dedicated Funds And Self Employment Schemes: Survey

  • At least 71% senior citizens want dedicated funds at national level, reveals a survey done by Agewell Foundation in association with UN
  • Over 67% senior citizens said setting up of a legal framework would help in dealing with violation of their human rights

Lack of dedicated funds and self employment schemes in India are contributing to the sorry state of elderly in India, a survey done by Agewell Foundation a non-governmental organization in association with the United Nations revealed.

The survey, done on over 1,500 senior citizens spread across 15 major cities in the country, tried to capture some emerging trends of issues concerning older persons. During the interactions, retired senior citizens raised unique issues like initiating dedicated fund for senior citizens at national level, exclusive safety and security measures for the aged, research and advocacy for issues concerning old people, self-employment schemes for the retired people and dedicated healthcare insurance for elderly.

The study found that at least 71% senior citizens emphasized that there must be dedicated funds for the senior citizens at national level, which can support senior-citizen friendly projects i.e. old age housing schemes, old age trauma centres, old age mobile medicare services, old age recreation clubs, old age pilgrimage, etc.

Source: Livemint

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