Digital Transformation of Organization – How it can be Brought About Through a Shift of the Mind

With a sea change such as digital business transformation present everywhere, the way it is processed by human resources is under the scanner. It is a well known fact that human nature intrinsically is opposed to change. Departing from this into one that accepts, perhaps even welcomes, change is a tall order. Yet, theories of Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset can help rational humans address this and approach the possibility of a digital workplace through logic.

Transformational leaders like Satya Nadella use simple management lessons. For instance, Growth Mindset shows that an inevitable transformation like that of Digital Technologies takes place smoothly.

The growth mindset is one that believes that change is possible without much upheaval, and the human mind is capable of change. If an individual is not good at something at a given point, it is still possible that (s)he can grow into better standing at it. The essential ingredient is sustained effort. In the process of embracing digital transformation, it is important to take feedback, learn from mistakes, and be ready to share knowledge with others. Satya Nadella made this possible through a thoroughly-polished top-down approach. Here, each manager is trained and given exhaustive examples of how to relate with their team members. These measures make any organizational change, including something as wide in scope as digital transformation, work stage by stage.

In digitally transformed companies, one would see that they notice errors before they go too far. They take corrective action without the intervention of a higher authority. Studies suggest it is extremely important for the influencers, leaders, and ultimately every player in the organization to cultivate a Growth Mindset. The case rings true where company-wide, industry-wide changes like digital transformation are in the offing. This will help them bear up the training needed, the learning curve involved, and the general mental resilience to stand up to initial setbacks.

The most important advancement observed is that all the top managers, line and staff managers realize that the Growth Mindset is a necessity. It is possible to cultivate it through engagement activities, gamification, microlearning tutorials, and general welfare activities such as intuitively-designed rewards and recognition programs. With the help of this holistic approach towards workforce, digital business transformation has come into effect successfully.

The digital workplace makes many wonderful things possible at unheard-of speed and accuracy. In connecting with people, decentralizing authority (to get more done) and digitization play a major role. Outsourcing or freelancing options are now mainstream, and all those involved have the potential to enjoy a better work-life balance. Digital transformation strategy that’s brought into effect with focus on lending support and engagement to the workforce can change preconceived perceptions on learning and growth.

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