Work Contributes to Overall Happiness’ say 58% Employees, 48% Employers

Only about 31 per cent of employees feel that the workplace does not contribute to their happiness

That happiness is extremely important for individual wellbeing and the prosperity of the society is a fact that is accepted by all. However, the fact that work also plays a significant role in a person’s happiness is probably lesser known. A survey reveals that 58 per cent of employees assert that work plays a significant part in their overall happiness. About 11 per cent feel that work may affect their happiness as well. That means, Indian workers or professionals derive satisfaction from their work or jobs and this does affect their quality of life.

What do the employers feel? Well, a good 48 per cent of them admit that work conditions do contribute to their employees’ happiness. On the other hand, 39 per cent of employers hold the overall wellbeing of employees accountable for their employees’ happiness. A small percentage (about 13 per cent)of employers feel that the personal lives of employees keeps them happy. 

Source: HR Katha

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