‘We are Going Through an AI Revolution, and Any Revolution has the Potential to Bring a lot of Transformation’

Nithyalakshmi Subramanian, Head of Data & Analytics, AMEA, Kellogg Company speaks to India Employer Forum about the latest developments in technology, rapid increase in Data & AI, Generative AI, use of Chat GPT and more.

She said, “We are going through a typical Revolution, an AI Revolution, and any revolution has the potential to bring a lot of transformation. So, this AI Revolution is also going to a large extent, transform the skill requirements of the future because if you think about it,  it’s all about AI development, AI application and sustainability. Then, there is an underpinning requirement of being ethically responsible and working within the constraints of data security and privacy.”

“There are multiple areas where there is going to be an explosion of skill requirements, starting from the fundamental or the foundational with respect to data engineering and platform architects. So, there’s going to be an explosion there in terms of the number of data engineers and platform architects, that we might require, and of course, there is going to be an explosion in the area of AI skills that are required right because we are talking about not just machine learning and artificial intelligence, but we are talking about generative AI now.”

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Nithyalakshmi Subramanian, Head of Data & Analytics, AMEA, Kellogg Company

About Nithyalakshmi Subramanian

Nithya Subramanian has two decades of industry experience across multiple domains and technologies. She has helped businesses realize efficiencies, cost optimization, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction by executing analytics strategies and delivering innovative solutions at scale. With extensive experience in Business Analytics, Product Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategy & Operations, she possesses deep technological expertise in Data & AI, BI, Platform Engineering and SAP. She has significant experience working in a cross-functional environment that requires substantial levels of collaboration and stakeholder engagement. She has also successfully led diverse teams and nurtured a culture of open innovation. She is currently Heading Data & Analytics for the AMEA region in Kellogg Company.

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