‘The Priorities which Stand for me is Upscaling the Leadership and Manager Effectiveness in an Organisation’

Beena More SVP HR & L&D, BOI Investment Manager Pvt Ltd, speaks to India Employer Forum about the transformative power of a positive and inclusive organisational culture.

She said, “I have been doing this research study on the Gartner Leaders and Managers Effectiveness that led to this role, and also how it is going to be for the HR leaders in 2023. So, while a lot of companies have been pushing through, have seen the pandemic times, and have been ensuring hybrid work flexibilities or remote working or returning to office kind of a setup, I think what it prioritizes today is the development area. So, to me, the HR who is supporting the overall business objectives today and bringing the growth to his company are in these areas. We have seen it all, we have seen a lot of youth come with different mindsets and ideologies”.

“The priorities which stand for me is upscaling the leadership and manager effectiveness in an organization to have the adaptability to organizational culture keeping its ethics and the principles strong. Not to forget that HR technology has emerged a lot over a period, and hence, when the transformation takes place, it is an amalgamation of this HR technology to the leadership effectiveness, to the organizational culture that we are having and boosting. HR supports in all these areas where acquiring Talent is not only the acquisition of talent but retention of the talent with the right element of developing them and giving them the career path. I think overall put together that is where I would say it would play a pivotal role in ensuring that HR today is supporting those business objectives which necessarily fosters the growth in an organization”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Beena More, SVP HR & L&D, BOI Investment Manager Pvt Ltd

About Beena More

With over two decades in HR, Beena More is a seasoned professional with expertise in talent management, performance evaluation, HR strategy, compliance, and more. Currently the Senior Vice President & CHRO at Bank of India Investment Managers, she leads Human Resources, Learning and Organisational Development, Facility Management, and Administration. Beena has spearheaded transformative changes, particularly in Compensation & Benefits practices, amplifying employee satisfaction. Her commitment to initiatives like No Swipe Attendance and Flexi Work Culture demonstrates dedication to fostering work-life balance. Recognized with awards like the Influential HR Leader Award with AXA, Beena is confident in her leadership acumen. She aims to contribute her expertise to organizations, propelling growth with a focus on excellence, integrity, and compliance.

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