‘The Biggest Challenge in Setting up a Cyber Security Protocol is First the Realisation and the Awareness’

Archit Rajesh, General Manager, Information Security, TeamLease Services Limited speaks to India Employer Forum about cyber security protocols, hiring professionals, AI threats, must-have skills for the cybersecurity sector and more.

He said, “The biggest challenge in setting up a cyber security protocol is first the realisation and the awareness because most organisations globally are undergoing a big digital transformation overhaul. Most of these organisations do not realise that while the journey of digital transformation may be linear but then the quantum of risk that comes, typically the cyber risk just grows exponentially, and that’s where it becomes important. At first, we as practitioners and leaders understand how fast the risk is increasing and it’s important that we address that risk as part of the digital transformation journey and not by putting inside a Band-Aid after it has been done right. So, I think that’s where the concept of security by design and privacy by design comes into the picture”. 

“It is important for all business leaders and all risk practitioners that they really evaluate that as part of their digital transformation journey as they increase their cyber landscape, their digital footprint: what is the amount of new risk, what are those new risks to which they are actually getting exposed to and that’s where the true journey begins. They start assessing these risks, then they start mitigating these risks and then inherently this journey actually becomes a part of their digital transformation journey. So, that is something which is the most challenging thing because most people don’t realise that this is something that needs to be picked up in parallel to the digital transformation roadmap”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Archit Rajesh, General Manager – Information Security, TeamLease Services Limited

About Archit Rajesh

Archit Rajesh is a technology and information security leader with an experience in leading information security, privacy and digital transformation for large enterprises across various industries. He is currently the General Manager – IT and Group CISO at TeamLease Services and is responsible for managing the information security posture of TeamLease group across all its businesses and products. He has previously worked with Jubilant FoodWorks, G4S, Times Internet and NIIT Technologies and subjects like risk management, endpoint security, cloud security, application security, threat intelligence, etc. are some key areas of his expertise.

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