Survey Reveals Why Employer-Sponsored Wellness Programs Go Untapped

The Health Report of Corporate India 2023, based on a survey of over 3,500 Indian organizations, identifies key reasons behind the low adoption rate of corporate-sponsored wellness programs

Barely 30% of employees participate in company-sponsored wellness programs, as revealed by a study conducted by Plum. The survey covered employees from over 3,500 organizations in India, providing insights into the reality of well-being initiatives in the workplace.

The report, titled ‘Health Report of Corporate India 2023,’ also highlights the scenario of medical expenses. Approximately 71% of employees end up bearing last-mile healthcare expenses out of their pocket, which roughly averages 5% of their annual income. Additionally, only 8% of them can avail of discounted medicines, and less than 1% benefit from sponsored eyesight check-ups.

Source: People Matters

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