Steps to Creating a Great Candidate Experience

The recruitment landscape has witnessed significant changes in the last few years. There are more job openings for almost every skill, and at the same time, some industries are also facing a talent shortage. And the culmination of all these changes and more is that candidates’ decision making power has gone up manifolds. They can choose any company to work with based on their specific needs. That’s why organizations are creating newer strategies to attract and hire the best talent. And in the process, candidate experience is coming out as the most important factor that organizations must pay the most attention to during the hiring process. Creating a good candidate experience helps organizations attract and hire top talent and retain them.

But, what is candidate experience? Simply put, candidate experience is the perception that job seekers develop about their potential employers based on how they are treated during the hiring process. Candidate experience includes all the steps a candidate has to go through before an organization makes an offer – from the first contact and initial screening to the job interview, offer acceptance and everything in between. Seen from an employer’s perspective, this is an excellent opportunity for them to lure top talent into agreeing to work with them. They need to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process and appreciate them at every given opportunity. 

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A good candidate experience is significant for organizations to get top talent to work with them. 

Suppose a candidate’s experience during the hiring process is not good enough and the candidate is not adequately attended to or informed, or disappointed. In that case, it could significantly impact an organization’s chances to hire them. A good candidate experience can have many benefits. In addition to helping an organization employ top talent, it can also increase brand awareness, shape employer branding, attract more talent, improve the quality of talent they hire, and more.

Organizations need to put candidates on the same pedestal as their customers. They need to treat both the same way. To be competitive, organizations need to build a reputation as the best provider of products/services in their respective industry and the best place to work at. Organizations need to make potential employees who come across their websites, and social media pages consider them great employers.

A good candidate experience starts with a simplified application process. The online application form needs to be as user-friendly as possible. And navigating to different pages of the application should be easy. It shouldn’t take candidates more than a couple of clicks to move from one page to another. Whether they are looking for experienced candidates or new ones in the job market, organizations need to ensure that the application process is as smooth and easy as possible for everyone.

Reference: 3 Key Steps to Creating a Great Candidate Experience | Talent Culture | Mona Bergeron | December 1, 2021

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