Over 75% of Indian desk workers embrace AI tools: Slack Report

The research, focusing on the impact of AI adoption and automation on productivity, work arrangements, employee well-being, and work culture, uncovers the evolving landscape of work globally.

About 53% of surveyed employees who adopted AI tools and automation reported higher productivity and saving an average of 3.6 hours per week. The research survey, State of Work Report 2023 conducted by Slack Technologies between February and March 2023 unveiled a dynamic landscape of workplace trends. Over 2,000 desk workers in India and around 18,000 desk workers globally, participated in the survey focused on the transformative impact of AI and automation. 

Derek Laney, Slack Technology Evangelist, “The findings in the State of Work report reaffirm the transformative impact of AI and automation on employee productivity. The Indian market is enthusiastic about adopting new technologies to work smarter, more efficiently, and pleasantly. Through the strategic utilisation of intelligent tools and the optimisation of processes, we can create an environment where employees thrive and make meaningful contributions. By equipping managers and employees with the right tools to work more efficiently, organisations have the potential to drive productivity and unleash the true potential of desk workers in India.”

Source: People Matters

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