‘Organizations Are Increasingly Focused On Purpose Rather Than Profit’

Mayur Bharath, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, believes that it’s HR’s role to make sure that processes and tools are in line with today’s industry

Q. Please tell us about your educational background and professional achievements or awards won by you.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Bangalore University and have done my Executive Management Program from Stanford University. Noteworthy achievements are being recognized by Deccan Herald as the “Young HR Professional of the Year” and by Shared Services Organization Network as the Top 10 Leaders in the Shared Services Industry.

In my over 23 years at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, I have had the opportunity to live in 5 countries across three regions and have a healthy understanding of varied cultures.

Currently, I’m the Vice President for Alliances (Global Sales) managing the Global System Integrators. I carry a Global P&L of $500M, having grown the portfolio 25% year-on-year over the last two years. Prior to taking on the current Global Alliance Role, I was part of HP’s core Separation Management Office in Palo Alto which worked on the largest split in the technology sector, that of HP and HPE. I led the global work stream for Shared Services and Analytics responsible for deciding the go forward strategy for both companies.

Q. You are a rare professional who left HR while you were at the peak of your career. How did you decide to make a career shift from HR into business?

I have made several shifts in my career. My first role was that of a Quality Software Engineer – my desire to change or move roles has always been the same:

  • Will the role give me a new learning opportunity?
  • Does the role give me an opportunity to make a positive contribution to the company?
  • Will this role allow me to professionally grow?

Q. Having done both – HR and business – roles, what’ll you advise CHROs to do to get a seat on the table?

It’s an interesting question. I often wonder why CFOs get to be CEOs and not CHROs. The most important aspect is “Understanding of the Business”. HR is an important function when it comes to Talent Acquisition, Development and Succession Planning. The more HR can understand the business, their ability to consult and make a positive impact on business growth increases.

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Q. If you are asked to don your HR hat and identify the top three global HR trends in 2020 what would they be?

  1. HR Analytics to help with how companies take decisions around the workforce. Data they say is the new “Oil”. HR has a wealth of data, effective mining of data to drive proactive predictive outcomes will be key. I truly believe if HR uses data effectively; combines business data with that of workforce we can drastically reduce the impact on the workforce when business goes south especially in an economic downturn
  2. Millennials are changing the workplace: To attract and retain millennial talent, workplace transformation is key. We have youngsters coming in to work who are used to a very different digital experience. Everything is app based: Fitness, Food, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Retail. They come into the workplace and see archaic processes and tools, this gap in technology upsets them. HR’s ability to make sure their processes and tools are in line with today’s industry is key going forward
  3. Organizations are increasingly focused on Purpose rather than Profit. HR will have a role to help position your Org as a company that takes its CSR seriously and has a larger Social Purpose

Q. How do you see the future of work impacting employability of our talent landscape?

It is my firm belief that AI/ML and Robotics will have a huge impact on entry level roles in the Services Sector. Reskilling will be very important going forward. The manufacturing industry went through hyper automation in the 90s. Many of our entry level roles will witness the same hyper automation regardless of function.

Q. What’s your advice to budding professionals in managing their career in today’s ever evolving world of jobs?

  • Have a constant urge to keep learning on the job and outside
  • Take risk, there are some roles that will not work out. I have a personal philosophy which is NEVER fail, either I win or I learn
  • Take a long-term view of your career. It’s not a 100m sprint, more like a marathon. Today’s workforce want job level moves every 18 months and I don’t see too many of them wanting to move laterally

Q. What’s your success mantra? How do you keep yourself professionally relevant?

  • There is no substitute for working hard and smart. It’s a balance but you need to achieve it
  • Keep current on business and technology trends. I read a fair bit, goes back to my constant quest for learning
  • Be open to international moves – It’s not always convenient to move with family especially when you have kids. If you are in a global company and an interesting opening comes outside of your home country – take it
  • Your fundamental role as a leader is to create more leaders. In today’s social media age everyone is going after followers. I have taken great pride that in most of my roles I have groomed a successor to take over from me
  • You also need to have a hobby and that takes your mind off work. We all have high pressure roles, it’s important you wake up every day full of energy. Do something every day that rejuvenates you on a day-to-day basis

About Mayur Bharath

Mayur Bharath is the Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Mayur has been with HPE since 1996. During his 23 years with HPE, he has played a variety of leadership roles in Engineering, Global Sales, Strategy and Planning and Business Process Outsourcing.

Mayur has led large complex transformational programs that have had a significant impact on HPE P&L and managed global delivery teams across all three regions. Mayur was instrumental in starting and running Shared Service Centers for HPE in India, Mexico, Poland, Romania and China. Mayur serves as an advisory member on the board of a nonprofit organization that is into bringing affordable healthcare into India’s rural segment. He actively mentors students aspiring to study overseas for their under-graduation.

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