Middle Class Forum Demands Job Quota, Financial Aid

A large part of the population of the country (around 40 per cent) belongs to middle or lower middle class, but they are always deprived of most benefits under Government schemes.

They are the honest tax payers of the country, but unfortunately, even after 74 years of independence the Indian Government has focused primarily only on the other two classes of the population, such as SC/ST and OBC, providing them various incentives and benefits, alleged the Rastriya Madhyabita Parivar Mahasangha.

Addressing a Press conference here on Tuesday, Mahasangha president Pradeep Mishra said a 10-point charter of demands has been submitted to the Prime Minister of India in this regard.

Mishra demanded that the Government should identify a list of the lower middle class and middle class people deprived of Government assistance during natural disasters especially in the wake of the Corona epidemic and publish them for greater public consumption.  Besides, the Government should enact a law in the Parliament to improve the social and economic status of the lower middle class as well as ensure livelihood for the middle class, he said.

The organisation demanded that Union Government should form a high level commission (Middle Commission) for detailed interpretation and re-categorization based on current financial situation of class.

Source: The Daily Pioneer

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