It’s raining jobs in IT! Skilled techies take home big bucks

Going by the strong deal momentum and higher attrition rates announced by major IT firms in their Q4 results and post-earnings calls, there is a war for talent in the Indian IT industry, making meatier salaries, bonuses, and perks common again.

IT employees actively hunting for a job are negotiating an average of three to four offers at present, and are seeing 50-70 per cent joining hikes as demand for niche digital skills are at an all-time high driven by Covid-led opportunities, according to recruiting firms.

“Last year’s lockdowns reduced job offers significantly. But Covid has opened up IT in a big way. There are so many opportunities on the digital side. Now, everyone is willing to pay big bucks for good IT talent because the demand is huge and supply is less,” said Randstad India director of staffing Yeshab Giri.

Source: Business Today

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