IT Firm Onboards its First Non-Human Employee in Bhubaneswar

CSM Tech has planned to upgrade the chatbot with new features like voice over implementation wherein any user can search for anything without inputting text.

Amid layoff fears due to the explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the globe, an IT consulting company has come up with a unique human-AI synergy with the onboarding of its first non-human employee.

City-based CSM Technologies has employed Medha K, an AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) chatbot, which can understand and generate text based on the prompts and keywords the user provides. Company sources said, Medha K, a knowledge assistant, has been integrated with ChatGPT to assist CSM’s internal employees. It can also fine-tune language models, incorporate human feedback and employ the most effective learning methods to ensure a seamless experience.

Source: Indian Express

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