IT & BFSI Sectors Lead 33% Jump in Diverse Hiring: Foundit

Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru are at the forefront, showcasing robust hiring trends that reflect the growing importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies.

India noted a 33% year-over-year surge in diversity hiring, according to the latest foundit Insights Tracker (fit) for June 2024. This growth reflects the successful implementation of D&I policies across various sectors, particularly in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, which lead the charge in inclusive hiring practices.

The report highlights significant diversity hiring peaks in June 2023 (37%) and May 2024 (57%). Overall, hiring activity in India saw a 12% annual increase and a 2% monthly rise in June 2024 compared to May 2024. These trends underscore the dynamic and expanding nature of India’s job market.

Source: People Matters

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