Intrepid Travel Promotes Workforce Diversity, Plans to Hire 50+ PwD and LGBTQ+ Employees by 2027

To promote diversity in its workforce, Intrepid Travel India has announced collaborations to boost the hiring process for various functions, including finance, travel coordination, and other relevant roles.product.

Intrepid Travel, an Australia-based adventure travel company, has announced plans to hire more than 50 employees from LGBTQ+ and People with Disabilities groups in India by 2027.

With a commitment to increasing diversity in its workforce, the travel company has announced a collaboration with Pride Circle and Atypical Advantage to assist with recruitment and consulting services. The company aims to promote awareness about the importance of diversity while offering sustainable and immersive travel experiences, aligning with India’s Adventure Tourism strategy. The hirings will span various functions, including Finance Intern, Admin Coordinator, Tour Leader, Finance Manager, Destination Product Manager, and other travel-related roles that may arise in the future. Additionally, the company aims to implement inclusive policies throughout its global offices.

Source: People Matters

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