India’s Gig Economy Holds A Potential Of 90 Million Jobs, Says BCG

Covid-19 has paved the way for a vibrant gig economy in India – home to potential employment for nearly 90 million people according to a new Boston Consulting Group study in collaboration with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

A gig is a one-off task, performed on demand without a (long-term) contract. Segments of India’s economy have been operating like this for centuries, albeit with an informal structure. Technology was already formalising the segment before the pandemic, which could accelerate the rate of change. 

“With technology bringing many services to our mobile devices and fingertips, ‘gig platforms’ are meeting existing and new demand, while creating millions of jobs in the areas where they operate,” noted Boston Consulting Group managing director and tech, media and telecom partner Vikash Jain – alluding to platforms such as Uber and Swiggy.

Source: Consultancy

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