Indian Employees Receptive to AI in the Workplace: UKG Survey

A survey conducted by UKG spanning nine countries, including India, reveals that a staggering 95% of Indian employees believe that AI can enhance their quality of life at work.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the landscape of workplaces around the world. It is exerting a significant influence on workplace dynamics today, reshaping the future of work.  A recent UKG study reveals that a whopping 95% of employees in India believe that AI in the workplace can improve their quality of life. They also wish that workplace technology could anticipate their needs just like OTT platforms predict their watch list based on viewing preferences. The study was done to understand their perspectives on the evolving role of AI.

The survey reveals that 72% of employees personally encounter AI-powered workplace tools, systems, and processes in their organisations, and use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT (75%), Open AI (47%), and Google Bard (22%), respectively for their jobs and in their personal lives.

Source: People Matters

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