India votes for a hybrid work culture, better medical benefits for the informal sector

For 71% of Indian jobseekers, work flexibility is the most crucial parameter. when evaluating a job opportunity.

80% of the informal employees want better medical benefits.

Jobseekers want to know the salary range before applying for a role and want to hear back from recruiters in a timely manner. 

The aspirations of the Indian workforce – especially the millennials and the GenZs – have changed dramatically after the Covid-19 pandemic. Indian job seekers are now prioritising work flexibility, work modes and job location much more when evaluating a job opportunity. Moreover, the informal sector wants the gap with the formal sector bridged when it comes to health benefits.

A recent Indeed India survey of 1,810 individuals – consisting of 561 employers and 1,249 jobseekers – revealed that most job seekers prefer to work in a hybrid setting, where they can work from home some days and from the office on other days. Larger organisations are more likely to offer the desired flexibility, with 51% of employers stating that they do.

Source: Business Insider

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