India to introduce minimum wage for millions of workers

India introduces minimum wage for millions of workers
Millions of low-paid domestic workers employed in India under zero-hours contracts are to be paid a minimum wage, under plans set out by the country’s labour ministry.
The draft proposal guarantees domestic workers access to social security benefits, including maternity leave, pensions and health insurance, and offers protection from abuse.
Domestic workers, around 80 percent of whom are women, are employed by wealthier Indians to perform household chores, with low pay and little or no job security.
Many come from poor, rural parts of the country, are illiterate and innumerate, and live apart from their families – leaving them particularly vulnerable to abuse.
Announcing the plan, India’s labour ministry said it would “explicitly and effectively expand the scope of applicable legislation, policies and schemes to grant domestic workers rights that are enshrined in laws”.

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