‘In India per se, you’ll See there’s a Lot of Diversity and in Every 100 Kms you will See there’s a Change in Terms of the Culture and Work Ethics’

Abhijeet Nadgouda, Head HR, Jyothy Labs speaks to India Employer Forum about Indian work ethics, global talent crunch and more.

He said, “If you look at it typically, in an Indian organisation or in the Asian cultural gamut, wherein prominently we are discovering and observing that each culture, region and organisation will have diversified activities, which is driving the individuals’ performance. In India per se, you’ll see there’s a lot of diversity and in every 100 kilometres there’s a change in terms of the culture, but one constant factor is strong work ethics. The Indian employee focus is always towards how they will be more committed towards their work whether it is time, which is never a bar for any individual, or to complete the task at hand. You will see them work long hours which is a very common feature and they’re highly committed to completing that process and going the extra mile”. 

“I would say one of the very strong characteristics besides this that you will see is the value of education, which is very strong in India. In most of the corporate culture, it is prominent and you see that somebody who is progressive towards their learning is looked at in a very positive manner for the organization as well as for the individuals’ development”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Abhijeet Nadgouda, Head HR, Jyothy Labs

About Abhijeet Nadgouda

Abhijeet Nadgouda is the Head of HR at Jyothy Labs Limited, bringing experience from previous roles at Aarti Industries Ltd. and Zuventus Healthcare Limited, Mumbai. Abhijeet Nadgouda pursuing a PGDBM in Human Resources Management  @ XLRI Jamshedpur. With a robust skill set that includes Employee Engagement, workforce transformation, proactive Employee Relations, organisation Development, Business Strategy, Talent Management and more, Abhijeet Nadgouda contributes valuable insights to the industry.

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