Importance Of Office Location Strategy In Covid-crisis World

More and more organizations across the world are moving towards the hybrid way of working. The hybrid working model ensures that the work gets done, regardless of employee location. It also improves employee safety in the post pandemic times. But by choosing to go the hybrid way, organizations have to be very careful with their office location strategy. The decision of choosing an office location post pandemic needs a lot more thinking than usual. Employee safety is the foremost concern but not the only one. The office location strategy needs to also focus on talent intelligence to be more effective.  

Generally, the decision of choosing an office location is based taking into account several factors, such as government guidelines, real estate, taxes, cost involved, and others. The relationship between location and talent isn’t usually paid too much heed. However, things have changed in the last one year and so. Organizations have started to consider talent when making these decisions. 

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It is a great opportunity for many organizations to modify their office location strategy to face the challenges that lie ahead. Talent is amongst the key factors that need to be a part of this strategy to make it work. With the hybrid working model becoming a reality, organizations need to make sure that their location strategy focuses as much on talent availability and employee experience as it does on costs and other factors. 

Over the years, most organizations have been more inclined towards the traditional variables when it comes to their office location strategy. But by putting talent into the mix, they can build a resilient business that will always have an edge over its competitors. The office location strategy gives organizations a fair idea of not only the cost of hiring but also the competition for the desired talent. With this information handy, organizations will be in a better position to hire great talent without having to pay higher than usual salaries and facing too much competition.

By putting a location strategy in place, organizations will be able to establish talent hubs that serve them well in the future. If there is a university in proximity, organizations will have a regular supply of great talent to fulfil its growth and expansion needs in the future. 

Diversity hiring is also something that is being talked about quite frequently in the business circles across the world these days. Organizations are looking for recruiters who know how diversity hiring works. An office location strategy can either be a bane or blessing for a company’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) objectives. To ensure that it is a blessing, organizations will have to make sure that they find diverse talent that they haven’t thought about earlier. They can do this by using talent intelligence.

An office location strategy gives organizations the ability to limit the damage caused by unpredictable challenges like the Covid pandemic.

Reference: Don’t overlook critical talent intelligence in your post pandemic location strategy | Gartner | Swetha Venkataramani | April 6, 2021

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