If government agrees, PF investment in equity could go up by 50%

Provident Fund
From a market standpoint, the game-changing moment came when pension funds in principle started investing in Indian equities directly. Do you think that this trend is here to stay and can you throw more light on how much money PFRDA invested in equities in 2017?
This trend towards investment in equity by pension fund started almost seven-eight years ago in the form of National Pension Fund schemes. Currently, our investment in equity is a little over 14 percent of the total portfolio i.e. about Rs 30,000 crore. While we do have some investments in ETFs, the bulk of the investments are actually in the form of individual securities. We invest in the F&O stocks and are little choosy about the scrips we invest in, therefore our major investment is in the bigger stocks.
Source: Economic Times

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