IBM Mandates Managers Back to the Office; 3 Days a Week

Technology giant adopts stricter in-person work policy, signals shift in remote work approach

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has implemented a new directive mandating all its managers in the United States to work from the office or client locations for a minimum of three days a week, as revealed in an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg. This policy, which marks a departure from IBM’s previous stance on remote work, could potentially lead to job termination for non-compliance.

The memo outlines the use of badge-in data to track and assess the physical presence of managers, with a requirement that affected individuals must reside within 50 miles of an IBM office or client location. Those unable to comply or secure a remote position have been given a deadline until August to make relocation arrangements, or they have been asked to ‘separate from IBM’.

Source: HR Katha

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