“Guidance and Mentoring Given by Large Institutes is the Need of the Future”

Sachin Kawalkar, Global CISO and VP, Head Info Sec, Cyber and Quality Management, Neeyamo speaks to India Employer Forum about freshers, GenZ and GenAI’s readiness for the job market and more.

He said, “The guidance and mentoring given by large institutes is the need of the future. Previously, we used to have what is needed now. That is the only work which colleges or education institutes were doing, but now they are also well-tuned in because a lot of the programs they are conducting and incorporating into their curriculum, maybe from third year or fourth year of engineering are relevant”.

“So, students are well equipped and when they are going outside for job placement, they understand what is the need of the market, what is the need of the IT industry. They have a lot of advanced programs like development programs. Now, they have various languages, various automation courses, and various certifications which are also sponsored by the institutes and colleges, a lot of industry mentorship programs are happening where the industry people are coming and guiding, coaching and mentoring them”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Sachin Kawalkar, Global CISO and VP, Head Info Sec, Cyber and Quality Management, Neeyamo

About Sachin Kawalkar

Sachin Kawalkar is the Global CISO and Head of Cyber in Neeyamo. Neeyamo is a Global HRO tech-enabled organisation providing services in global payroll & EOR solutions and Background Screening Services. Over the past 20 years, he has worked with 15 countries on diverse Info-Sec roles managing IT & Cyber Security, Cloud, IT Governance and Enterprise Architecture for large hyper-growth companies in developed and developing markets. He has been called upon to speak at various events to pass on insights as an expert in Data Privacy, Cyber and Information Security. Sachin has been conferred with numerous awards like ‘CISO of the Year’ for his efforts to institutionalise Info-Sec standards and practices.

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