Goldman Sachs inaugurates Hyderabad office with 1,500 employees

Goldman Sachs’ Opel, the new Hyderabad office, will act as the global CoE, housing around 2,500 employees in engineering, finance, human capital management, consumer business services, and new technologies.

Goldman Sachs, a global investment banking firm, inaugurated its new office, Opel, in Hyderabad on October 6, 2023, as part of its expansion strategy. The office will serve as the ‘centre of excellence’ for client operations, engineering, and global collaborations.

The investment banking firm is focused on bolstering its presence in India’s BFSI sector. Presently, the office houses 1,500 employees, with 75% of them being new hires, aligning with the firm’s planned talent acquisition strategy. The remaining employees are internal transfers from the Bengaluru office. These internal hires will play a crucial role in providing training and cultural orientation to the new hires, spanning various functions, including engineering, finance, human capital management, and consumer business services. Additionally, they will have opportunities to delve into emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning functions.

Source: People Matters

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