Forget Remote Work, India wants 5 Days in the Office, but with a Twist study reveals Indian employees desire five-day office week with greater control and autonomy

New research by, in collaboration with The Happiness Research Academy, paints a surprising picture of employee preferences in India’s five major cities. While most employees still crave the structure and social interaction of an office environment, they also yearn for a level of control and autonomy that traditional working models simply don’t offer. This desire for “flexible work” is reshaping the employee landscape, demanding a new approach that prioritises both productivity and employee well-being. 

The findings of the study reveal a fascinating paradox: the majority of Indian employees prefer coming into the office five days a week, but with a significant twist – they want the freedom to choose when and how they work within that framework. This preference for “flexible work” is not simply about the convenience of working from home occasionally; it represents a deeper longing for trust and empowerment in the workplace.

Source: HR Katha

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