Employment Generation Remains the Toughest Job

Reviving investments and creating more jobs with good pay and benefits will be central to bringing a greater share of the population into the salaried class

The greatest challenge that the Narendra Modi-led government faces in its second term is that of job creation. Several surveys over the past year have indicated that this is a major concern among voters.

The second round of the YouGov-Mint Millennial Survey conducted in early 2019 showed that most young voters, across party affiliations, were worried about jobs and unemployment.

The evidence on jobs so far presents a mixed picture. The results of the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) show that unemployment levels were at an all-time record high of 6.1% in 2017-18.

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At the same time, the share of workers with a regular job (23%) was also higher than that recorded in any other official jobs survey in the past.

How far the PLFS survey results are comparable with previous employment surveys remains a matter of debate among economists and statisticians, with the report itself not providing a clear answer.

Nonetheless, evidence from other sources suggests that there might have been a modest rise in the share of workers with a regular job over the past few years.

Source: Livemint

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