CM bats for enforcement of minimum wage, regularisation of contract labour

Minimum Wage for Contract Labour
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government would enforce the increase in minimum wages it had enacted in 2017, but there was a High Court stay against coercive action against employers.
Addressing a group of workers on the occasion of Labour Day, Mr Kejriwal said the government had hiked the minimum wages, but many employers were not adhering to the new wages.
New wages
The government had increased the minimum wage from ₹9,724 to ₹13,350 per month in 2017.
He said the government would enforce the new wages and take action against those violating the rules. This, he said, the government would only be able to do after the High Court gives its judgment in the matter.
The Chief Minister also said the government would have regularised all contract labour had Delhi been a full State. He added that with the Supreme Court decision in the case between Delhi government and the Centre overpowers expected soon, he hoped the government would be able to abolish contract labour.
One of the promises of the AAP before the 2015 Assembly elections was to regularise all contract workers in the government — something which is yet to be done.
Source: The Hindu

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