AI to trigger 65% job skill shift by 2030: LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s study revealed a strong enthusiasm among 98% of Indian professionals regarding AI integration in their work. Specifically, 75% look forward to using AI for career guidance, and 78% are eager to apply it in managing complex work scenarios.

We find ourselves in the most advanced era of AI that humanity has ever witnessed. The world, particularly the workplace, is undergoing a transformation at a speed we couldn’t have foreseen just a decade ago. Now, it is projected that job requirements will undergo a substantial 65% transformation by 2030, propelled by the swift advancements in AI.

According to LinkedIn’s latest report, significant shifts are already in progress. In India, job listings referencing AI or Generative AI have more than doubled (2.5x) in the past two years. Moreover, job postings related to AI or Gen AI have experienced a 2.1x increase in applications in India over the same period, outpacing the growth of job listings that do not mention AI. 

Source: People Matters

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