AI Cuts 5 Hours of Weekly ‘Redundant’ Workload for IT Professionals

A global survey by Freshworks shows that embracing AI could lead to significant financial benefits, as well as cutting down over five hours a week per IT worker, unlocking around $183 billion across the IT sector. However, while AI boosts productivity, concerns about potential risks persist.

The Artificial Intelligence for Information Technology (IT) sector offers alleviation to ‘overworked’ professionals, as claimed by 71% of IT leaders in a global survey conducted by Freshworks. 

Nearly 2,000 IT professionals participated in the study titled, “AI is poised to solve the tech overload problem,” highlighting the benefits of generative AI in reducing workload and enabling them to focus on strategic responsibilities. About 95% of IT experts agreed that employees using Gen-AI tools could save time by automating ‘mundane, repetitive tasks’ from their workload. Additionally, 86% of IT employees have already embraced AI for work, and 51% are being encouraged to implement it in their current or forthcoming projects.

Source: People Matters

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