65% of C-Suite, 46% of Managers Comfortable with AI

While employees are keen that their employers adopt new technology, they want them to ensure ethical usage and also wish for AI to increase their own productivity

Whether professionals are open to seeing artificial intelligence (AI) being used at the workplace is a question that cannot have a definitive answer, at least not yet. After all, AI is being branded a monster that steals jobs and a friendly tool that makes jobs easier in the same breath. The key, therefore, is to strike a balance between technology’s positives and negatives. Quite a challenge.

As per the Qualtrics 2024 employee trends survey, 37,000 employees across the world expect their organisations to embrace new technology. What is clear is that employees are also very keen to see their organisations using the technology for good —as a tool for optimising productivity. A good 53 per cent of engaged employees said they’re comfortable with AI at work, whereas 30 per cent of disengaged employees shared the same feeling.

Source: HR Katha

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