‘All of the Platforms out there are Incorporating AI into the Scheme of Things’

Harsha Shetty, Principle Advisor, Low Code, Digital Transformation, Mendix, speaks to India Employer Forum about how LCNC platforms are using AI and deriving business from it and more.

He said, “All of the platforms out there are incorporating AI into the scheme of things. They are doing this in two segments, enhancing the ease of development and also enhancing the capabilities of the application by incorporating AI into it. For ease of development, there are various things the developer gets benefits from the AI, right from architecting the solution. For example, I enter user stories. AI itself gives me the base architecture, the base framework of the application I want to develop, a user interface, say, for e-commerce front end. So, I give the user stories, I give the UI development. So, I enter my user stories and the requirements of what the e-commerce frontend should look like and the AI platform builds the entire user interface, and the user experience for me. If I want to build logic, AI gives me the entire logic flow built for the entire platform including the workflow and the functions that need to be executed”.

“So, in terms of testing users, testers face a lot of problems in terms of developing the test scripts, the test data, and analyzing the output from the test. So, AI helps these testers by developing the test scripts, putting together the test data, executing the tests and analyzing the test results at the end. So, all of these things put together actually enhance the lives of developers to a large extent. How will this help developers or probably the enterprises hiring these developers? For example, if you’re spending 100 man-days completing a project on conventional Technologies like java.net, and assume you bring in an LCNC developer and a platform and project the development period to be reduced by 50%, if you infuse AI into the platform in the overall scheme of things, the efficiency can probably be increased by around 20% more which means that instead of 50 man-days you can publish your application in 40 or 35 man-days”.

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Harsha Shetty, Principle Advisor, Low Code, Digital Transformation, Mendix

Harsha Shetty is a results-driven go-to-market strategist, known for shaping a powerful market traction backed by a compelling platform positioning strategy. At the forefront of innovation, Harsha established an agile Center of Excellence, efficiently delivering umpteen number of PoCs. Along with his sales and business acumen, his expertise as a Mendix-certified developer enables him to conduct impressive tailored demonstrations and engaging workshops for business users, IT leaders, and CxOs. Harsha is also a trusted advisor to CXOs, providing strategic guidance on leveraging low-code and no-code platforms, and integrating them with cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML, RPA, BPM, and Analytics.

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