Tata Technologies to Empower Engineering Students with InnoVent

The initiative aims to create a platform that encourages young engineering students to propose creative solutions utilising the latest technology to overcome  obstacles faced by the manufacturing industry

Giving a platform to young engineering talent to showcase their creativity, Tata Technologies, has launched InnoVent. The platform is not only designed to empower young engineering students in India but to help them develop innovative solutions to tackle the challenges encountered by the manufacturing industry.

The platform calls out to third and fourth-year engineering students to participate in a competition and showcase their level of innovation. The competition encompasses a wide range of areas, such as electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineering, smart manufacturing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore, the students will be asked to propose innovative projects that tackle real-world challenges. 

Source: HR Katha

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