‘There will be an Increase in Jobs and Requirements for Upskilling in Telecom and Allied Industries Due to 5G Rollout’

Mahalingam Subbian, Vice President – Telecom, TeamLease Services Limited speaks to India Employer Forum about 5G roll-out and its impact on job creation and skill development, current industry preparedness for 5G implementation, opportunities for upskilling and reskilling of the workforce and more.

He shared some key findings from the recently launched report ‘India’s 5G Rollout: Revolutionizing the People Supply Chain’ and stated, “This report analyzes crucial questions about the current state of the Telecom industry in the country and what is required to ensure a future-ready Telecom Workforce. It also delves into the impact of 5G on the future of work with a specific focus on job profiles, skills and upskill initiatives that will be required for businesses and industries to make this highly valuable transition quickly and efficiently. The rollout of 5G technology will also facilitate the digital transmission of business and lead to the creation of a plethora of new job opportunities within and Beyond the Telecom industry.”

“There are a few of the top narratives that I would like to highlight. There will be a steady increase in jobs created and requirements for upskilling in Telecom and Allied Industries due to the rollout of 5G. The second thing is that the primary impact will be on Telecom and Allied Industries to source and place a larger number of better-skill Workforce to implement and launch the upgraded Network, and we are also expecting to see a lot more jobs being created even in other Industries. Also, for the adoption and inclination maintenance of faster and quicker internet connections predominantly, we are talking about major adoption in the cyber security space as well as in the IT space. That’s what we are looking at, and this 5G will also democratize access to education and opportunity for these.”

Watch the full interview: In Conversation with Mahalingam Subbian, Vice President – Telecom, TeamLease Services Limited

About Mahalingam Subbian

Mahalingam Subbian is a highly experienced strategic leader and multicultural people manager with over 20 years of expertise in IT service, data centre, and cloud sales. With a proven track record of delivering extraordinary results, Mahalingam consistently achieves exceptional growth, revenue, and operational performance. Through consultative sales, effective negotiation, and successful closure strategies, Mahalingam drives profitability and business expansion. With a deep understanding of business dynamics and the market, Mahalingam excels in identifying untapped potential and executing high-growth plans. As a skilled people leader, Mahalingam fosters a collaborative and accountable work environment. With a unique blend of strategic leadership, sales acumen, and team management skills, Mahalingam Subbian is a valuable asset to any organisation.

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