There has been a Steep Hike in Tech Recruitment within Non-Tech Industries

Munira Loliwala, AVP – Strategy and Growth, TeamLease Digital speaks to India Employer Forum about the recent demand for tech talent in non-tech industries, skill strategy for the future, skill development in new-age skills, and more.

Q. Would you describe the digital transformation of the non-tech industries as one of the prominent and far-reaching effects of the pandemic on business?

Yes, that would be one way to look at it for the pandemic emerged as a catalyst that perhaps accelerated the digital transformation of businesses in the non-tech sectors. It is clear that no professional organisation could continue to operate without integrating digital technology into its operations, however, the overnight shift to a digital mode of operation was triggered by the pandemic. This has led to a substantial increase in demand for tech talent across non-tech industries. 

Q. How has this increase in demand impacted the career trajectory of people with expertise in tech skills?

There has been a steep hike in tech recruitment within non-tech industries in recent years, amounting to over 1 lakh active openings over the last couple of months. The incremental growth in salary in non-tech industries is higher than in technology-centric companies. This has played a major role in the movement of tech personnel from niche tech industries into non-tech industries. This has also worked to the advantage of tech professionals as there has been a recent trend of layoffs in the big tech companies to reconcile the overhiring during the pandemic years.

Q. How according to you is India positioned concerning the global digital talent supply chain?

The demand for tech talent has increased significantly, positioning India as one of the global tech giants leading the way in the post-pandemic era. India is at the forefront of the technological upheaval unleashed by the pandemic. Today, the non-tech sector in India employs over 7.65 lakh tech professionals and is exhibiting an unprecedented demand for more tech talent. There is a considerable amount of effort in place towards ensuring that our young professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to support the recalibration of business operations brought about by digitization and automation.

Q. Do you feel the industry and government are aligned with respect to the implementation of a suitable skill strategy for the future?

The Non-Tech sector’s tech talent pool is anticipated to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.53%, expanding from 7.65 lakhs* in FY 22 to approximately 11.15 lakhs* by FY 27. The government’s budget allocations in Feb 2023 make provision for skill development in new-age skills such as AI and ML along with the establishment of skill development centres across smaller towns and cities. In addition, organisations too are increasingly accepting the importance of learning and development as an integral part of the business and investing in the reskilling and upskilling of their employees.

Q. What are some of the hiring trends that you have observed for tech in the non-tech sectors?

Industries in the non-tech sector are actively promoting the hiring of automation specialists with expertise in 5G networks and talent with engineering and semiconductor backgrounds. There is an increasing need for IT specialists with experience in the use of cloud networks and Software as a Service (SaaS). There is also a growing demand for data analysts and cyber security specialists as non-tech companies seek to improve their online operations and protect sensitive customer data.

About Munira Loliwala

In her last 11 years with TeamLease, Munira has been instrumental in building New Business Models, Delivering Growth & Scale teams. She also brings in work experience from across the globe while she served in the  Middle East Markets. Her success lies in designing HR frameworks, Hiring Techniques, Processes and Systems coupled with a pragmatic business acumen enabling her to create tailored solutions for clients across the Country. During the last 18 years of her work learning and with in-depth experience gained from mentors in her career span, she has led P&Ls, Leadership Stakeholder Management, Business Acquisitions, and L&D. In her current journey, she is working towards building a Specialised Staffing business for White Collar Professionals.

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