New Education Policy, New Platforms And New Techniques For Teachers

Education in India is poised at an interesting inflection point. On the one hand, it is set to shed an outdated model for the new National Education Policy 2020. On the other, new digital platforms of learning and innovative techniques of teaching are propelling it to global standards to create new benchmarks.

The quality of human capital is the touchstone of education in any country. A well-educated generation with a high literacy rate is equipped to undertake social, economic, and political roles responsibly with an overarching awareness of the global issues. Such is the vision embedded in the NEP 2020, which, when fully implemented, promises to make education holistic and a lot more rewarding.

As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and embark on a new academic year, it is important to clearly understand the potential of evolution in Indian education as a result of these three forces: NEP and the accompanying new platforms and techniques of teaching and learning.

Source: India Today

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