How India Inc Is Rethinking Inclusion During Pandemic

On International Day of Disabled Persons, we look at the ways corporates are supporting their differently abled employees

Over the past few months, the visually impaired employees of Tekvision Softtech And Accessibility Solutions LLP have been practising how to do videoconference meetings. “While celebrating someone’s birthday or any other special occasion, everyone turns on their camera and continue their friendly banter. It will help them learn how to position their camera, their chair,” explains Siddhant Chothe, the tech company’s co-founder. The aim is to make them comfortable doing client meets on video calls eventually. “It’s for the client’s benefit. I feel my colleagues will also gain confidence. It may lead to better rapport,” says Chothe, who’s visually impaired.

For people who work in the corporate sector and are differently abled, working from home has been a blessing since they don’t have to commute. What’s more, they are learning to use technology effectively to get their work done. Organizations, too, are finding different ways to support them.

Source: livemint

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