Hunting The Job Seekers At ‘LokalPe’

While some people can make a career out of finding jobs for people, LokalPe is doing that, but for free. It is the first app where blue-collar workers can create ‘Profile Videos’ and ‘Skill videos’ to get hired, and presently it is free of charge for job seekers in the various towns of India. 

​And while its full version launched only in September, the company is reporting strong traction. 

“To be frank, we haven’t marketed our app aggressively on a national level, but that’s because Delhi-NCR, UP, Telangana, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh, the main states we are concentrating on, account for about 61 per cent of the job seekers in India,” says Co-founder Ankush Sharma, adding that this is why LokalPe is so insistent about concentrating on employment at a micro level.

“If we can find jobs for people in their towns and villages, and can reduce this constant migration by even 5 per cent, we think that will make a substantial difference.”

The app allows blue-collar employees to demonstrate their skills and upskill themselves by seeking suitable jobs amongst their own towns, and can also demonstrate their competence by sharing their skill videos.

Source: The New Indian Express

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