Government Set To Implement Four New Labour Codes By April

For the industrial relation (IR) code, almost half of the work is done, while work is progressing well for the wage code.

Giving a definite roadmap, the government on Wednesday said it will implement all four labour codes by April 2021, and urged states to fast-track the process to ensure the reforms are rolled out in a timely manner across India.

Union labour secretary Apurva Chandra said the rule-making process is in full swing and the labour ministry will finalize the labour codes by 15 November. Rules are a key part of an Act and are prepared after a bill is passed in Parliament and work as the implementation vehicle.

“We intend to implement all the four codes by April. We are finalizing the rules for all four codes by 15 November. It’s a stiff deadline, but we are for faster implementation of the reforms passed by Parliament,” said Chandra, who will play a key role in the implementation of the reforms.

“We will upload the rules of the codes and ask stake holders’ engagement for 45 days. Based on the feedback, final rules will be fine-tuned and all the four acts will be implemented.”

Source: livemint

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