Talent Management Needs To Be Flexible Amid Work-from-home, Say Experts

IT firms must come to terms with the changed scenario till at least Dec and must rethink employee benefits

MUMBAI : With increasing work from home requirements (WFH) in the current environment, HR experts are of the opinion that talent management internally and across industries will need to be flexible to accommodate the new normal. During a discussion led by IT industry body Nasscom’s senior vice president and chief strategy officer Sangeet Gupta, top stakeholders said that organisations will also have to treat their employees with greater autonomy in the increasingly disconnected work environment.

One of the top concerns has been dealing with many traditional roles like supervisors and managers becoming irrelevant due to the nature of remote work. At the same time, the financial constraints faced by organisations as well the flexible work hours at hand has meant that organisations are increasingly considering gig workers and freelancers for non-permanent skill requirements. This is creating an ecosystem where instead of seeking extreme measures like rightsizing, employers are trying to find ways to utilise talent both internally and across industries.

“In the new normal, workplaces will be where people will come back to collaborate as opposed to just working individually and we will increasingly have to accept the workforce as a combination of full time and part-time professionals. Organisations will have to factor this evolution into their policies going forward,” said Gupta.

Source: livemint

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