It’s Time To Take Outrageously Bold Decisions To Reimagine The Economy: Yunus

The pandemic is a ‘make or break’ chance for a new inclusive economy that keeps the marginalized sections of the society as its centrepiece, said Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus

New Delhi: It is time to reimagine the economic model we follow, keeping the poor and marginalized sections of society as its centrepiece rather than trying to hurry back to the pre-covid scenario marked by income inequality, automation-led job losses and climate change, said Nobel laureate and founder of Bangladesh’s Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus in a conversation with former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday.

Yunus who set up the bank that gives credit based on trust and without collateral to the poorest in rural Bangladesh said that the coronavirus pandemic has given an opportunity to think anew. This, he said, was a “make or break” chance for a new inclusive economy.

“Now, let’s go a different way… this is the time to take bold decisions, outrageous decisions right now,” Yunus said in the conversation.

Yunus’s comments came in the backdrop of one of the biggest migrant workers crisis which the country has witnessed in the recent history, including thousands of them walking trans-state to reach homes during the national lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Source: livemint

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