Realtors Offering Incentives To Labourers For Uninterrupted Construction Work

NEW DELHI: To ensure uninterrupted construction work post lockdown, the developers are taking care of families of labourers and even offering Rs. 2000 under referral scheme, if the labour gets a new worker to enrol. Real estate developers, who are racing against time to complete the project, are providing medical and sanitisation facilities also at the construction sites.

Gurgaon based M3M Group has been supporting 9,515 labor families and not only extended economic but also psychological support to them.

“It was a challenge to deal with them psychologically to make them believe that nothing wrong will happen despite the pandemic. These worker families are the worst hit in all aspects due to this pandemic and we are supporting them as much as possible so that they remain here for their safety,” said Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation.

Real estate developers are also taking steps to employ labourers who have returned from cities.

“We are providing quality labour accommodations with air cooled prefab structures. We have also started refferal scheme for every labourer to earn Rs 2000 for getting a new labour to enrol. Besides, recruiting agents are being sent to Rajasthan, Bihar and UP,” said Nayan Raheja of Raheja Developers.

Source: Economic Times

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