Companies Tap Digital Tools To Hire Grads, Host Interns

Ford, Kraft Heinz among firms leaning on video and other tools to run entry-level and internship programs

The spring interview season, a rite of passage for college students and recent grads, has gone virtual. In the midst of coronavirus lockdowns, companies, including Ford Motor Co. and Kraft Heinz Co., are leaning on a host of digital tools to interview, vet and host internees and new hires.

Hiring executives say the shift to video chats to evaluate potential candidates can’t replace in-person connections. But the process may become more of a fixture after the pandemic subsides, they say, as a way to expand recruiting reach, cut travel costs and increase work-from-home flexibility.

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“We all crave, obviously, some of that in-person touch and feel,” said Lena Allison, the U.S. talent acquisition and onboarding lead at Ford, which is hosting more than 600 interns virtually this summer and preparing to conduct career fairs online later this year.

“But more and more we’ll be very comfortable with using digital technologies and we’ll make them part of our process versus an exception to our process.”

For the time being, however, companies have no choice but to go completely virtual.

Source: livemint

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