How AI And ML Are Transforming Companies By Disrupting Organisational HR

Increasing demand for customized AI and ML solutions is perhaps the strongest sign that HR as an organisational function has been well and truly disrupted.

Digital disruption transforming companies and markets will continue unabated in the decade of the 2020s. People managers of companies have been witnessing an unprecedented rise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions that are transforming the way organisations function. Not only are these solutions saving time and cutting costs, they are empowering people managers by providing them with predictive and real-time data analytics to facilitate critical and time-bound decisions.

The impact of AI/ML is such that it can change almost every aspect of the way HR functions. It includes not only manpower forecasting, candidate search & shortlisting, recruitment, onboarding, employee management, compensation and benefits management, rewards and recognition but also the most critical aspect of training.

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This is just a partial mention of the HR functions which are now routinely becoming completely dependent on solutions powered by AI & ML. Several HR teams now commonly use pre- employment assessment tools to check the organizational fit of candidates. Such tools also help in reducing bias, enhancing accuracy and facilitate HR teams achieving their diversity hiring goals. Some of the key changes that AI and ML have brought to the fore are enlisted here.

Source: Economic Times CIO

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