Women On Board: The Prolonging Case Of Gender Equality In India

Be it in leadership roles, on the boards of companies or in the labour force, women’s representation in India is dismal despite their increasing literacy rate

Another Women’s Day is in the offing, yet gender equality continues to be an issue. It is going to be almost a year since the Kotak Committee’s recommendation to have at least one woman independent director on the boards of the top 500 companies based on market capitalisation came into place.

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Yet, as on February 26, according to data from market tracker nseinfobase.com, 44 companies are yet to fulfil the condition, of which 34 are Nifty 500 companies. The top 1,000 listed companies – by market capitalisation – for which the deadline looms over (April 1, 2020), don’t paint a better picture either; 150 of them don’t have a woman independent director on their boards yet. And this lag is spread across sectors ranging from banking/term lending to mining, mineral and metals.

This could be because of the fact that the pool of available talent is still limited, says Shalini Warrier, Executive director, Federal Bank.

Source: The Hindu BusinessLine

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