Amidst Job-loss Jitters, SIS India To Hire 30k In 2020

Amidst jitters of job shakedown in various sectors, manpower security giant SIS (Security & Intelligence Services) India is planning to recruit 30,000 people, across the country, in 2020. Manpower security, its core vertical, has seen more than 30% growth this year.

“In future, we would need more of ManTec capable security personnel, who can handle technology gadgets, alongside regular duties,” Rituraj Kishore Sinha, group managing director, SIS India told FE.

“I hardly worry about tech skill shortages because people’s survival instincts make upgradations fast. Remember, nobody taught the Amazon delivery boy any tracking technology and yet they do the job.”

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SIS, however, has a small in-house IT intelligence battery of 18 people in its New Delhi and Bengaluru offices to divide the needs and customise solutions, be it in machine learning or camera technology.

Source: Financial Express

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