No Basis For The Fear That Technology Is Taking Away Jobs, Says Tata Sons’ Chandrasekaran

Tata Sons Chairman, N. Chandrasekaran, on Sunday said there was no basis to the fear that technology will take away jobs.

“There is a global fear that technology will take away jobs. There is absolutely no truth that technology will take away jobs. Every single big breakthrough has come because of technology. Several people are working on creating jobs, but not many are looking to find a breakthrough on how technology and job creation can go hand in hand,” Chandra said while launching his book titled Bridgital Nation at the 10th edition of Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai LitFest.

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“It is a fact that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will touch every country, some faster and others a little slower, but it will play an integral part in society. And it can be very positive if we use AI to empower people. If we design our education system like that, our jobs will reflect it too,” he added.

Source: Business Line

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