Booming Used Car Market Creates Job Roles

Car companies may be battling the slowdown with job cuts. But new opportunities are opening up for auto engineers and diploma holders in organised used car retail — a segment that is expanding rapidly. Demand for used cars have seen an increase of 12-15% for over a year now. This has created such roles as ‘technical evaluators’. Head hunters say the demand is growing in double digits, albeit on a small base, and will continue for the next two-three quarters.

Mahindra First Choice Wheel CEO Ashutosh Pandey said, “While there is a sharp increase in recruitment of vehicle inspectors and others in formal channels like used car dealers in big cities, the real employment impact is much bigger.”

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Mahindra, he added, has a vehicle-inspection business that is partially related to retail and partially caters to insurance & finance companies. “We have 45% marketshare in that business and did 2 million inspections this year. Most of this is done by freelancers,” said Pandey.

Source: Economic Times

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